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Faith Family Internship

More than just an internship. 
Our focus is on developing you spiritually, personally and professionally.
1 month commitments / flexible timetable
$40 HKD or more hourly pay
What to Expect:
      • You will have a personal coach who is specifically devoted to pouring God’s wisdom into your life and building you up during the entire internship. 
      • You will be part of an innovative, forward-thinking, risk-taking, sold-out ministry that is making a lasting difference by leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.
      • You will take part in learning and developmental opportunities that include book discussions, learning sessions, and events for Faith Family Staff.
      • You will develop under amazing leaders in ministry and work in a united team environment that encourages personal, professional and spiritual growth. 
      • You will make personal connections, gain new friends, and build peer group oriented relationships with other interns. 
      • You will be equipped with the tools and resources you need to effectively serve and contribute to your team while gaining invaluable skills for your future. 

Developed Spiritually

Throughout your internship you will receive training that will help you to grow spiritually. This training will happen through active involvement in Sunday services, small groups, prayer groups, and spiritual & leadership development times.

Developed Personally

This internship will challenge you in many ways personally. You will experience firsthand what it is like to work in full time ministry. You will also be challenged to stay physically healthy by working out and eating healthy.

Developed Professionally

You will receive hands-on training in multiple areas of the Church, be given responsibility and learn how to manage tasks. You will also gain invaluable skills to help further your career no matter where your next step takes you.