How Can I Lead My Child to Jesus?

As your child grows and the truth of God’s love becomes more and more evident, they may begin to ask questions about becoming a Christian. Talking to your child about Jesus is one of the most important things you can do as a parent.

Use these discussion points as you talk about God’s plan of salvation with your child.

  • God loves you! God made you and knows everything about you (Psalm 139).
  • You have a big problem called sin! When you mess up and do wrong things, you sin. Can you think of some wrong things you have done?
    You deserve to be punished for those things, but Jesus took the punishment for you (Ecclesiastes 7:20).
  • To follow Jesus, you have to ADMIT that you are a sinner and you’ve messed up. You need to tell God you’re sorry (Acts 3:19).
  • God wanted to make a way for you to be with Him. God loves you so much that He sent His son Jesus to earth. Jesus took the punishment for the sin of everyone who would believe in Him by dying on a cross. The good news is that Jesus did not stay dead. God brought Jesus back to life. To follow Jesus, you have to BELIEVE Jesus died for you and God raised Jesus back to life! (Romans 10:9–10)
  • We COMMIT to following Jesus by simply praying the following prayer. If you want to commit to following Jesus, say this prayer after me!

God, I know that You love me.
I ADMIT that I have done wrong things and I am very sorry.
I BELIEVE in my heart that Jesus, Your Son, died for me and that you brought Him back to life.
I COMMIT to following you, Jesus. You are my leader and the Lord of my life. Amen!

Parents, we want to celebrate with you when your child commits to following Jesus! Send us a message on Faith Family Kids Instagram or Facebook to let us know!