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The Legacy Team is a group of self-identified individuals who have the spiritual gift of giving. It’s not a bunch of old people with money, it’s not a bunch of millionaires, and it’s not a bunch of board members or CEOs. It’s simply a diverse group of people from all walks of life who know they have been blessed financially and have a desire to consistently give above and beyond their tithe. It’s a group of people who have an eternal focus and desire to invest in things that are going to show up in Heaven. The Legacy Team accelerates the vision of the church through their giving with not only earthly purpose but eternal perspective.



您被邀請參加第一次的承繼團隊晚餐。 這並不是一場籌款活動。 而是對於那些覺得自己擁有或可能擁有羅馬書 12:6-8 中描述的奉獻恩賜的人的簡介。 你可發現如何在承繼團隊中運用你的恩賜來加速教會的異象,對更多生命作出永恆的影響。

Sat. 6 November, 2021 6:30PM – 8:00PM
Faith Family Church Office
G/F, 11B Hang Hau Village, Tseung Kwan O

通過填寫這張卡預留位置. 空間有限.

Legacy Team Dinner Signup

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