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Faith Family Church is a home with love where our church vision is to love God, love people, and serve the world. Our desire is to see you grow spiritually and live a successful life in Christ. Please take a moment to look through this website and avail yourself to the resources here. We hope to see you at Faith Family Church in the near future!
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Steve & Sharmin Fische



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There’s so much pain and hurt in the world, sometimes it's hard to see anything else. But what if, when we looked around, all we saw was love? In this four week series we’re going to look through the eyes of Jesus to discover how he saw people. Because when we have compassion on others like Jesus did, we will truly be able to change our world.
世上有很多的痛苦和傷害, 有時侯很難看到別的事情. 但如果我們環顧四周, 所看到的是愛? 在接下來的四星期, 我們將會藉著耶穌的眼睛探討衪如何看待人們. 因為如果我們能懷著耶穌的憐憫之心, 我們便能真正去改變世界.

This Sunday!

      The Inspired Exhibit is a rare opportunity to see and touch Bible artifacts, and to learn how the bible came accurately to us. We will be going together to this event on April 2, but if you’re unable to join us, this event is also available on other days.

Check out their website for more info: 請登入網站參閱更多詳情: standrews.org.hk/inspired-exhibit/

Date:  April 2  日期: 4月2日 
Time & location: Meet at Kwun Tong MTR exit A at 2pm,
then we’ll go to St Andrew’s Church together
時間和地點: 2pm 在港鐵觀塘站A岀口集合,然後我們會一起到聖安徳烈堂。

Join us for a night of worship and prayer!  This night will be filled with prayer, praise and freedom to go where the Holy Spirit takes us. You don’t want to miss it!
來參與我們在晚上的敬拜與禱告聚會! 這個晚上將會是一個充滿著禱告, 讚美及在聖靈自由帶領我們的聚會. 你不會想錯過他!

Faith Family Church believes in the importance and power of prayer. Join your church family to pray for the future of FFC and the lives that it will impact. You will be refreshed spiritually and learn how to go deeper into the presence of God!
家信教會相信禱告的重要性和力量.  一起與我們為家信教會的將來和生命被改變來禱告. 你能在靈裡更新並學習如何能更深地進入神的同在!

Do you want to become a part of the FFC family? Come and see what the next step is! In “Join the Family Class” we will share FFC’s vision and what being part of the family means.
你想成為FFC大家庭的份子嗎? 來看看下一步是如何! 在「加入大家庭課堂」中, 我們將會分享FFC的異象和成為家庭一份子意義.



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Life Groups 生命小組

All students, Form 1 through Form 6, are invited to a special service for youth that meets every Sunday, 10:15am-12:00pm!  This is a place of music, games, and the word of God! Come be a part and have a fun time together!
10時15分到12時的特別青年主日! 這是一個充滿音樂, 遊戲和神的話語的地方!




All young adults, ages 18 or above, are invited to the Young Adult Group! There will be worship time, bible teaching and small fellowship time. Build up your friendships with people and build up your spirit in God!
所有18歲或以上的在職青年也是被邀請來到職青聚會! 那裡有敬拜時間, 聖經教導和小組交流時間。建立人與人之間的友誼, 和在神的當中屬靈生命成長!



All adults, ages 30 above, are invited to the Adult Fellowship Group! Together, we will care for each other, help each other to grow spiritually, and pray for each other.
所有30歲或以上的成人也是被邀請來到成年團契聚會!在這小組當中,你可感受到成為家信教會的一份子! 我們在一起會彼此關顧,幫助大家在屬靈上成長和會彼此代禱.



Service Times

Saturday: 7pm
Sunday: 10:15am

8:00-9:30pm (Young Adult Group)
8:00-9:30pm (Adult Fellowship Groups)

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10/F, Unit A, Hung Fook Factory Bldg.  60 Hung To Road; Kwun Tong, Kowloon Hong Kong

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